“I swam across the rocks and compared myself favorably with the sars. To swim fishlike, horizontally, was the logical method in a medium eight hundred times denser than air. To halt and hang attached to nothing, no lines or air pipe to the surface, was a dream. At night I had often had visions of flying by extending my arms as wings. Now I flew without wings. (Since that first aqualung flight, I have never had a dream of flying.)”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Silent World

You too, can fly without wings!

If you are interested in a Scuba Class after reviewing the available classes below,
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Try Scuba

An opportunity to try scuba with the supervision of an instructor.  We provide everything you need except a swim suit.    Requires about two hours of your time.

Scuba Review

Are you certified to dive but it has been too long since you have been diving?  This course provides you the opportunity to review with an instructor all of the critical in-water skills and to revisit your weight requirements.  You may also spend time with the instructor reviewing dive tables and physiology of diving.

Requires two to four hours of time depending on individual needs.

SSI Open Water Diver

ssi owYour ticket to the underwater world - the SSI OPEN WATER DIVER certificate. Your SSI Student Manual, DVD and water training sessions combined will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure the fun and correct way. The SSI Student Manual includes study guide questions at the end of each section to help you retain your new knowledge and test your retention. During your SSI Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable confident diver.

SSI Open Water Diver certification cards are recognized throughout the world. They entitle you to dive with other certified divers, enable you to purchase/rent equipment and obtain air fills anywhere you choose to dive.

The Open Water course also requires an Open Water Weekend for a minimum of 6 dives on 2 days to demonstrate mastery of diving skills. Site is based on best conditions (visibility, temperature).  Most commonly we go to Clear Spring Scuba Park in Terrell, Texas

SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver

The SSI Advanced Adventurer program is intended to allow and prepare Open Water divers to experience and enhance student interest in different areas of recreational diving, as well as to encourage these divers to further their diving education and experience, allowing them to dive down to 30 meters.

ssi aadvDirectly after the SSI Open Water Diver or the SSI Stress & Rescue Diver, the Advanced Adventurer is the entry into continuing education, especially for those divers who cannot decide which specialty courses they want or should learn. During the Advanced Adventurer Program you will have the chance to try out 5 different specialties. You will complete one open water training dive per trial specialty in order to get a better understanding for each specialty area. The Deep dive is compulsory, then you can choose 4 more areas.  

Later, you can  complete all or just a few of your selected speciaties through a Specialty Course by completing the second dive and finishing all academic requirements.

You will then be awarded a Specialty Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver certification card.

SSI Specialty Diver

ssi specialtydiver

SSI’s intermediate diver rating is higher than any other agency’s advanced courses.

To earn the certification for Specialty Diver, you must complete 2 Specialty courses and have done a total of 12 dives.

The Specialty Diver rating certification card is free of charge and will be created by SSI

Any two (2) diving based Specialty's will qualify you for this rating

If you get two (2) more speciaty's and have logged 24 dives you will upgrade to Advanced Open Water Diver rating

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

ssi aowSSI’s Advanced Diver rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience.

No other agency’s advanced diver level compares.

To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 diving specialty courses (up to you which ones) and have logged a total of 24 dives.

* These specialty's do not count towards SP or AOW diver rating at the moment

 There are a variety of specialty courses to choose from:  Click here to be directed to the SSI website for a list of all the Specialties which are available.


SSI Stress & Rescue Diver

"Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies."

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations if they occur.

ssi stressrescue

The program is about avoiding, recognizing and solving problems on the surface and underwater.

The course runs two - four days in which you will participate in academic and in-water sessions in the pool and in the open water. As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR & First Aid certificate.

If you want to learn more about DIVER STRESS & RESCUE, you can buy the manual or the DVD even if you don't want to sign up for the course.

To get into the SSI Stress Rescue Diver program, you’ll need to be certified as an Open Water Diver and must be at least 15 years old.  You’ll also need to have successfully completed the Respond Right Asia Apply First Aid or PADI Emergency First Responder® program or a sanctioned program in CPR within the past 24 months.

The SSI Stress Rescue Diver classroom sessions cover:

  • What Is Stress?
  • Stress In Diving:Causes And Prevention
  • Detecting And Dealing With Stress
  • Accident Management
  • Skills Needed To Deal With Panic And Rescues
  • Conditions That Complicate Rescues

In-water training includes:

Self-rescue and diver stress
Diving first aid

    • Emergency management and equipment considerations
    • Swimming and non swimming assists
    • Panicked diver response
    • Underwater problems
    • Missing diver procedures
    • Surfacing the unconscious diver
    • In-water artificial respiration
    • Egress (exits)
    • First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
    • Dive accident scenarios

SSI Master Diver

ssi masterdiverSSI’s Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today.

Divers that have completed this level have combined the knowledge, skills and experience to truly call themselves Master Divers. To earn the certification for Master Diver, you must complete four (4) specialty courses (two (2) must be SSI certified, two (2) could be from another diving agency), SSI Stress & Rescue Diver and have done a total of 50 dives.

This means SSI Master Divers committed themselves to the dive sport, because they enjoyed the specialty training and the dives made during the specialty training. As committed divers they will have more fun and they will be safer divers.